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What is QtoJAPON?

QtoJAPON is a media for foreigner like Japan, full of information of school, work and culture.
Qto sounds like "cute" in Japanese and means "quest to" in English and "master" in Chinese character. JAPON is of course the meaning of Japan. In other words, it means to quest for Japan.

1. School information

There is a lot of information of Japan University and polytechnic school for the people who want to learn in Japan. What's more, we collect other news about school seminar and guidance for international students. Others, some scholarship information will also be released.

2. Job information

The information of part-time job, full-time worker for international students and people of Working Holiday Visa will be released.

3. Culture information

You can find all kinds of interesting thing happening between Japanese young people, like fashion, make-up, game, animation, food, sweet, entertainment, event and so on.

4. Life

The information of house rental for international students in Tokyo and Osaka will be released.
You can get to know about the mansion, apartment, dormitory, homestay and guesthouse, as well as the image of the town.