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Company overview

QtoJAPON Inc. Company Overview

Company name QtoJAPON Inc.
English Name QtoJAPON Inc.
Address 203, 3-7-5, Ebisu-minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022 Japan

Establishment July 2010
Capital 8,000,000yen
Executive Masato Kanazawa
Business contents ●We issue a news magazine for international students and people of Working Holiday Visa in Japan.
●We use our own media to supply advertising service to polytechnic school, university and language school.
●We supply the job information to international students and people of Working Holiday Visa.
●We plan and run the Japanese pop culture seminar to foreigners.
●We hold the seminar and education expo for polytechnic school, university and language school in and out of Japan, which accept international students.
●We do the consulting of students recruiting.
●We design the sales promotion item.
Bank The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ebisu Branch
Masato Kanazawa
He was born in 1963.
He did the part-time job as a advertise salesman in RECRUIT Co Ltd., when he was in university. After graduating from university, he entered Vantan Design Institute from 1986. As the "NO.1 student recruiting staff", he was selected to be "idea brain" by the CEO of Vantan. He learned about fashion business and photography in Vantan's night courses and gained a lot of knowledge of sales promotion through Sendankaigi Inc. Then he became the executive of students recruiting section. He did all the writing and 80% photography for the sales promotion item during the peak time of Vantan. He made the sales promotion item all finished in Vantan and group up year by year. It's a good record that Vantan ranked in the top 10 of polytechnic school in Japan (RECRUIT record).
He succeeded in many first concept-made. He is the first people to establish a "zakka" course in Japan education section. And then it expressed all around Japan and became the benchmark.
What' more, he predicted that the girly style would become popular, so he established the Venus Academy that can become a beauty, understand the beauty and available be beauty.
In recent year, he engaged the development of international school tie-up and international student recruiting. He felt that Japan's school and the new market have a very good future, so he determined to establish his own business.
He established QtoJAPON Inc using his own 100% capital in July 2010.