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【QtoJAPON52】Anime: Do you know JOJO?

“JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure” is
Japanese manga series created by Hirohiko Araki with the theme “celebration of humanity” which was originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1986.
The manga portrays its own original world filled with unique style and eeriness from horror suspense.
It does not stick to just a few main characters. Instead, the main character, settings, and theme change as the story continues from one part to another.
Till today, it has been adapted into anime, games, novels, and even movie.
And starting from October 2018, the anime of the 5th part will be aired!


・Introduction of main characters


・Quotes from JOJO, Part 5

JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure is no doubt a very famous creation loved by all.
One of the reasons why is that it is filled with many unique quotes that captivate the hearts of the fans.
Here are some of the quotes that you can use in your daily life.

Now I’m yearning to be a Gang-star!

You can change the word “Gang-star” to something else when you’re talking about your dream.
Of course, don’t forget the pose too!


This taste... It's the taste of a liar!

Change the word “liar” to a name of any dish and you’re good to go! But of course,
if you can tell someone is lying based on the taste of the sweat, then go ahead and use the original line.


“Accomplish all the duties,”
“Protect my subordinates,”
Both are the tough things a leader have to do.
Are you ready? Cause I am.

Use this when you make up your mind.
Just change the words in the quotation mark and there you have it, an easy, usable sentence!


・The odd history of JOJO


JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure

Part 1 takes place in England. Although poor, the ambitious Dio gets his hand on an ancient Stone Mask while Jonathan finds a way to stop Dio using the Ripple martial arts.
In Part 2, the story takes place in America where the main characters must defeat the Pillar Men who created the Stone Mask.
Part 3 tells a story of a battle to take down Dio who stole the body of Jonathan using a Stand in Japan.
While Part 4 also happens in Japan, but this time it is about a group of people trying to protect the town from criminals who misuse their Stand for something bad.


【Stone Mask】
It is the key item that appears in Part 1 and Part 2.
When it is touched by blood, it extends tendrils of stone, piercing the wearer’s brain.
With this, it awakens the natural power in the brain and turning the wearer into a vampire.
It was designed by one of the Pillar Men, Kars.


A secret technique that originates from Tibet.
Through a special breathing method, users can control the flow of blood in their body and producing ripples of energy identical to sun rays.
It can be used for healing and combat creatures like vampires and zombies.


【Pillar Men & Red Stone of Aja】
They are known as a mysterious species, very different from mankind who sleep for at least 2000 years in stone pillars.
As they cannot live under the sun, they continue to seek for Red Stone of Aja, a stone that can emit light more than what it absorbed as a laser beam.
And when combined with their technology of the Stone Mask, they will transform them into ultimate beings.


【Bow and Arrow, Stand 】
It is an entity psychically generated by its proprietor and it got its name from the phrase “Stand by me”.
On the other hand, the arrow made from the rocks of the meteorite is also known as the Requiem Arrow.
When the arrow pierces a target, it will awaken a Stand, making the target a Stand user.
But if the target lacks sufficient spiritual strength, they will die because of failure to control the Stand.


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