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【QtoJAPON52】Tokyo Night/Ramen near you


Tokyo Night

This is a corner where we introduce you the inner and unknown parts of Tokyo.
What do you usually do when you are alone?
How about spending some quality time at a manga café?

It’s just a manga café. But it’s a manga café.
A hyperspace specially for adults that meets the needs of the generation.

This time, we went to Ikebukuro where you can find a luxurious manga café.
Packed with anime-related shops and appliance stores, this town is very famous even among tourists.
Among all those stores, you will find a manga café built with the concept of “building yourself on your own time for adults” called “Hailey’5 Café” after a 2-minute walk from the east exit of Ikebukuro.

During weekdays, it only cost 500 yen per hour and you can even enjoy some discount with the 3-hour package only for 1,200 yen (※1).
Not only is it reasonable, but it houses over 24,000 manga and magazines with free access. You might ask why is so special about this café compared to others?
Well, you can actually enjoy all-you-can-drink from almost 20 types of alcoholic beverages including beer, cocktails, and Japanese shochu for only 1,000 yen an hour (※2).
Now, this is a great place for those who want to spend some time alone and read all their favorite manga in one go.
It is situated at a very convenient location, so why not give it a chance and check out the place when you are in the area?


※1 Weekday fee: Sunday (6 pm) – Friday (6 pm), weekend fee: Friday (6 pm) – Sunday (6 pm)

※2 Alcoholic beverages are not provided on midnight (12 am – 8 pm)



Ramen near you

In this issue, we visit the pioneer of saury stock who sparked the boom.
Although located at Ikebukuro, the area with fierce competition among ramen stores, Kissui still maintains its high quality and has never lost its fame.
And this time, of course, we must try the shoyu ramen made with saury stock A.K.A the lead item of the store.

This time, the report is brought to you by the QtoJAPON editorial staff!

The moment I step into the store, the fragrance of saury immediately makes my mouth water.
The soup does not smell fishy at all.
With just one slurp, I find my mouth filled with the thin, straight noodles together with the refined taste and the fragrance of saury.
And the jyoshio soba (soba with salt-based soup) tastes absolutely amazing too!

A very refined soup stock that feels like a luxurious Japanese traditional cuisine without any harsh aftertaste or foul smell of saury.
The bamboo shoots are thinly cut while the Japanese mustard greens and the chopped onions add more spice to the noodles, allowing customers to enjoy the dish without getting tired of it.

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