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【QtoJAPON52】TGS 2018 with CY8ER

Finally it’s the time of the year!
TGS event report brought to you by CY8ER

This time, we have members of CY8ER to bring us a report of the Tokyo Game Show event.
Considering it was their first time participating in a game event, they had a hard time trying to understand the gameplay but at the end of the day, they still managed to share with us the attractions of every new game! You can even check out the gameplay videos posted on their official Twitter account!


Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III, also known as the compilation of all the Kingdom Hearts series,
made its first appearance at TGS 2018!
While maintaining the similar game system as before, the game offers a more exhilarating feeling and scenes that look exactly like those from a movie.
Thanks to that, this game is said to be a wonderful creation that pulls players into the world of Kingdom Hearts. This time, we invited Rinahamu and Yamii to try the game.

【Ichigo Rinahamu:】It’s so cute seeing all the characters that I recognize in the game!


【Yamiyume Yami】The images are beautiful and it’s exhilarating to see the characters launch an impressive attack. I love mecha and robots, so it feels amazing that robots can fight against each other! I definitely recommend this game to everyone.

I just want to play games!
At a game show like this, not only you can try out new games, but you have the exposure to the world of each of this creation.
You may take photos with your favorite characters and experience time slip to the world of your beloved game.



Devil May Cry 5
Even in this new game, you can still witness the thriving stylish action scenes which serve as the biggest charm of the Devil May Cry series.
Especially scenes involving Devil Breaker, it is no doubt immensely fascinating. Pick up the items that appear in the map and store up to 4 items.
And with a simple maneuver, you can come up with a powerful move!

【Ichigo Rinahamu】Nero’s expressions look so real and without even realizing, I was enticed into the plot. Surprisingly, the game maneuver is simple and easy to remember! This is definitely a great game for those who love an action-adventure game.



Experience the hunting, mystery-solving and the feeling of facing zombies attack as if you are there in the game.
Once again, the hit game that represents Japan is back with a more powerful dynamic!
This time, we invited Anna and Mashiro to try the game.

【Fujishiro Anna】The images are worth seeing because they are all so thorough even to small little details like sweat and the breathing of characters.
I recommend this game to those who are looking for some excitement.

【Mashiro】I saw my friend who helped me being attacked in front of my eyes…
The world of Biohazard is really nerve-wracking and terrifying.
This is perfect for those who are seeking for some thrill.



Toraware no Palm-Refrain-
It appears that more and more fans are into this smartphone game.
This time, the plot is set to be five years before the previous game and it features a new story starring a new character, Chiaki.
Of course, we had Pochi and Mashiro try out the game for us.

【Koinumaru Pochi】Everything is so real.
When you move the device, the character’s gaze changes and the voice from the headphones sounds like we are really having a conversation.
I say this game is perfect for those who love good-looking guys.


【Mashiro】Out of nowhere, you’re facing a handsome guy like that and he just...
Wow, if you want to be comforted by a handsome guy, this game is for you.


“Who’s the best?”
I’m sure this question has been a main topic in a conversation among males at least once in their lifetime. Well, wonder no more because “JUMP FORCE” is a game that can help answer the particular question easily.

In this game, you will find many familiar characters from SHONEN JUMP and you can simply enjoy your dream battle featuring any character such as Luffy VS Son Goku, Gon VS Yusuke, and many more.

But what if you want to decide with a reality-filled game? Then, you can try “Ace Combat 7” and defeat your enemies once and for all. Maybe you can try the game “JUDGE EYES” and learn about real justice and mental strength.

And if you are not really interested in strength, “Catherine: Full Body” might be a perfect choice for you. Forget about the protagonist who is involved in a love square and the plot twist. This game itself delivers a high-quality play as a puzzle game. So, which game do you prefer?


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