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Everyone can speak good Japanese in ALA Japanese language school.


Students from over 25 countries are studying Japanese and communication skill in ALA Japanese language school for their careers or entering school. We teach you Japanese conversation, manner, university entrance exam or part-time job to support each foreigner’s life. With kind staff and teachers, you may feel just like at your home when you study here. ALA Japanese language school is located in the center of Tokyo where six traffic lines, including JR and Metro, assemble together. It is a great start point for your wonderful life in Japan. Let’s begin our new life from ALA Japanese language school.


Japanese language school


School address: No.2 Tobundo BLDG., 2-16 Ageba-cho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 〒162-0824



International student number

120 students

Enrollment time

【Comprehensive (University entrance) course】・・・January、April、July、October
【General conversation course】・・・anytime

International student course /term (year)

General conversation course, Comprehensive (University entrance) course / 6 months ~2 years

School fee

・ General conversation course, Comprehensive (University entrance) course (1 year)
Entrance Fee:  JPY  52,500
Tuition per year:JPY 598,500
Other fees:   JPY  36,250
・ General conversation course (3 months)
Entrance Fee:  JPY  10,500
Tuition per year:JPY 155,400

International student scholarship

1~3 persons each semester
Payment: 20~30% tuition of one semester

Entrance examination

documents examination, interview, SPI

School visit appointment

Please inquire by E-mail and telephone.

School introduction

★We introduce you part-time jobs.
★We hold part-time job seminar and also help you to find it.
★In recruit seminar, we teach you how to find job and write resume. Besides we provide interview practice, too.
★You may have a chance to obtain internship as your career’s first step.