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-Knowledge into Action-


Our university was originally United Kingdom law school founded in year 1885(Meiji 18th year).We’ll be cerebrating 130th anniversary of our founding in year 2015. The foundation of our university is “intelligence & behavior for practical use”. We help students to be prepared for the society by providing them practical learning. We also train students to understand the “intelligence to take action” to be active in the future & gaining various knowledge in different field through our wide range education.

Chuo University is a general university with 6 major departments, 8 graduate courses in graduate school, 3 graduate courses in specialist graduate school, 4 attached high schools, 2 attached secondary schools that still evolving bigger & bigger.


Tama campus:〒192-0393 Tokyo, Hachioji-shi, Higashinakano 742-1

Korakuen campus:〒112-8551 Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku Kasuga 1-13-27

Ichigaya campus:〒162-8473 Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Ichigaya Honmuracho 42-8

Ichigaya Tacho campus:〒162-8478 Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Ichigayata-machi 1-18



In year1885

International student number

・Total student:25,329 students(Undergraduate)             

・International student:750 students

Enrollment time


International student course /term (year)

(All departments are in 4 years)

・Law department(Law course, International business relationship law course, Politics course)

・Economy department

(Economy course, Economic information system course, International economy course, Public・Environment economy course)

・Faculty of commerce department(Business management course, Accounting course, Commercial・Trade course, Finance course)

・Science & technology department

(Mathematic course, Physic course, City environment course, High-tech science course, Electrical & electronic information communication science course, Applied chemistry course, Managing system course, Information science course, Life science course)

・Literature department(Liberal arts & society major/Japanese literature major, English literary culture major, German literary culture major, French literary culture major, Japan history major, Oriental history major, European history major, Philosophy major, Society study major, Social informatics major, Education major, Psychology major)

・General policy department(Policy study course, Intercultural policy studies course)

School fee

Admission fees for each department 240.000 yen

・Law department・Literature department

(1st year fees)875,100 yen

(2nd year fees)883,700 yen

(3rd year fees)909,800 yen

(4th year fees)956,700 yen

・Economy department

(1st year fees)890,100 yen

(2nd year fees)898,700 yen

(3rd year fees)924,800 yen

(4th year fees)971,700 yen

・Faculty of commerce department

(1st year fees)893,100 yen

(2nd year fees)901,700 yen

(3rd year fees)927,800 yen

(4th year fees)974,700 yen

・Science & technology department

(1st year fees)1,403,400 yen

(2nd year fees)1,417,200 yen

(3rd year fees)1,445,200 yen

(4th year fees)1,493,800 yen

・General policy department

(1st year fees)1,152,800 yen

(2nd year fees)1,164,100 yen

(3rd year fees)1,198,600 yen

(4th year fees)1,254,100 yen

International student scholarship

Chuo university international student scholarship(scholarship will be offered when admission is admitted)

Chuo university international student scholarship(major・postgraduate course scholarship)

Chuo university international student’s tuition fees reduction system

Entrance examination

International student entrance exam

School visit appointment

・Open campus, join the campus tour

・Contact us at the education conference all over Japan

School introduction

In order to enlarge the chances for international exchange with our internationalization education at Chuo University, we welcome any international students with basic academic ability.

●International hostel

There are 2 blocks of international hostel in Chuo University. It is a international exchange hostel only for Chuo University’s students (Japanese & international students) which is at a very convenience location to attend school. Your hostel life will be a chance for you to make an international exchange, sharing & helping each other between friends to increase own outlook & knowledge.

●Intercultural meeting room

Intercultural meeting room was set up either in Tama campus or Korakuen campus. It is a place for Japanese who interests in international exchange, exchanging students form oversea partner universities & private international students studying for degree to have an intercultural meeting.