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ESP Musical Academy

Connecting the world! To become a Music Ambassador between Japan & own country!!


ESP, the maker of guitar(Loved by famous musician around the world)is the parent organization of those schools, has a deep connection with music & entertainment career.

Musician, Talent, Concert staff, Recording engineer, Artist manager, Web producer, Instrument player & etc., we educate students to be professional in music & entertainment career. 

Ever since our school opened, many graduate students found a job or made a debut in music & entertainment career.





Main location:〒169-0075 Tokyo, Shinjuku, Takedanobaba 3-3-19

Campus・Sister school:ESP Entertainment(Osaka)

Campus・Sister school:Musicians Institute Hollywood (Hollywood)

Campus・Sister school:LA Music Academy (Hollywood)

Campus・Sister school:International Dance Academy (Hollywood)

Campus・Sister school:Elegance International (Hollywood)

Campus・Sister school:Theatre of Arts (Hollywood)




In 1983

International student number

Total student : 2122 students

International student:6 students



Enrollment time


International student course /term (year)


Faculty of Musician/ 2 years/ 350 students

Faculty of Performance/ 2 years/ 100 students

Faculty of Sound Creator/ 2 years/ 60 students

Faculty of Event/ 2 years/ 110 students

Faculty of Management/ 2 years/ 80 students

WEB Business Course/ 2 years/ 40 students

Faculty of Guitar Craft 3 years/ 3 years/ 100 students

Faculty of Guitar Craft 2 years/ 2 years/ 50 students

Faculty of Violin Making/ 2 years/ 10 students

Faculty of Piano Tuning/ 2 years/ 26 students

Faculty of Wind Instruments Repair/ 2 years/ 70 students



Faculty of Musician

Faculty of Performance

Faculty of Voice Actor

Faculty of Sound Creator

Faculty of Event

Faculty of Management

School fee

Enrollment fee 200,000yen
Tuition fee(per year) 600,000yen
Other fees


Practical training fee 300,000yen

Facilities fee 400,000yen

※No any extra fees needed to pay for your lessons.

(This included other fees such as: Internship at concerts of FUJI ROCK・SUMMER SONIC、

transportation fees、accommodation fees、food&drink& etc.)

※No any extra fees needed to pay for your lessons. 
(This included other fees such as: Internship at concerts of FUJI ROCK・SUMMER SONIC、transportation fees、accommodation fees、food&drink& etc.)


International student scholarship

Our cooperation company can provide international students special offer at accommodation fees.

Entrance examination

1.Document review

2.Japanese writing test & essay


Application form submission

・Scholarship system for best result in JLPT(100,000yen at most)

Only available for international students who passed N1 or N2 in JLPT exam. 
・Private scholarship association(Review required)
48,000yen per month for 1 year



School visit appointment

We welcome you to visit us anytime.

Please contact us by the contacts given below before you visit us. Thank you.

Email: ryugaku@esp.ac.jp



School introduction

Providing you the chance to learn the advance music system & music business in Japan & it’s also a base that connecting world wide as a new member in music network, all conditions fulfilled in ESP Music Academy. Let’s begin with a whole new world of musician!

    専門学校ESPミュージカルアカデミー 専門学校ESPミュージカルアカデミー 専門学校ESPミュージカルアカデミー 専門学校ESPミュージカルアカデミー 専門学校ESPミュージカルアカデミー