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It’s the small number education that can keep on turning out professionals of fashion industry


Nowadays, globalization and borderlessness is going on, so the talent people who has professional knowledge, technique, distinguished sensibility and identity and can play an active part in worldwide field is needed by fashion industry.
Our school has the own knowhow through our 65 years history and keep on educating worldwide fashion creator in the center of Tokyo (Iidabashi). The small number education has the advantage that every student can be taught carefully so that they can show their “only one”.




School address: 2-5-13, Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


March, 1946

International student number

40 students

Enrollment time


International student course /term (year)

  1. Fashion create course / 2 years / a certain number of student
  2. Fashion business course / 2 years / a certain number of student
  3. Technique course (Fashion major) / 1 year / a certain number of student

※The student who want to enter the Technique course must graduate ( be going to graduate) from the fashion major of college, university and polytechnic school.

School fee

Admission fee: 
140,000 yen
One year tuition: 
540.000 yen
Other fees: 

200,000 yen

※School supplies fee (including texts, examination fee, oversea travel fee) and material fee are needed

International student scholarship

We recommend the student to Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students (Japan Student Services Organization)

Entrance examination

Application forms selection
Japanese test (written test, listening test and so on )

Application form submission

Please inquire through telephone or e-mail, or you can request our school brochure from the school homepage http://www.f-sakura.ac.jp/

School visit appointment

Please reserve for the open day or school visit day through telephone or e-mail.

TEL:03-3265-2821 フリーダイヤル0120-811-566