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The school is 7 minutes away from Yokohama station and 20 minutes away from Tokyo station by train. This is a language vocational school with 64 years of tradition and achievements located in an underground station which is 1 minute walk away from Keikyu line Kawasaki Station. In this globalization era, you can learn about specialized skills like skills related to trading, aviation, hotel & bridal, IT & web as well as medical information and at the same time, master skills that can help you in the future career.

As the IT English double license course is the first “credit-system course” that we have as a vocational school in town, we have “individual customization” for the academic year limit and period of study! “Internship” and “Specialized study abroad program” can also help in acquisition of credits as well. Here, we have career advisors who have qualifications as career counsellors and they will guide students based on each one of their career vision, so there will be very few mismatch of work and preference after the students start working.


22-1 Eki mae Honcho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken