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The largest one of the world! The most famous jewelry school in Asia.

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The only non-profitable organization authorized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government specialized in the field of Jewelry, Watch, Shoes and Bag education in Japan. The school has established long-close ties with overseas universities by exchanging students and holding joint exhibitions. We have a partnership with 58 schools in 16 countries all over the world. Our school buildings are located in Shibuya, Harajuku and Aoyama, which are all the cutting edge areas of fashion and culture. And now there are more than 160 international students. Hiko Mizuno is the only school that you can learn about shoes and bag in Japan.


  • Fashion
  • Creative, Media
  • Other


School address: 5-29-2, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 Japan
Other campus, sister school: 2-14-3 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0014 Japan



International student number

169 students

Enrollment time


International student course /term (year)

  1. Jewelry Design Course /2 years/ 50 students
  2. Silver Accessory Course /2 years /50 students
  3. Fashion Coordinator Course /2 years /20 students
  4. Silver Accessory Master Course /3 years /20 students
  5. Fashion Art Accessory Course /3 years /20 students
  6. High Jewelry Course /3 years /20 students
  7. Metal Craft Course /3 years /20 students
  8. Advanced Jewelry Course /4 years /20 students
  9. Shoemaker Course /2 years /25 students
  10. Shoemaker Master Course /3 years /25 students
  11. Bag Maker Course /2 years /20 students
  12. Watch Maker Course /2 years /24 students
  13. Watch Maker Master Course /3 years /24 students
  14. WOSTEP Course /3 years /24 students

School fee

Admission fee: 100,000 (For all the courses)
One year tuition: 1,298,800 yen (The first year, except Watch Course)
1,398,800 yen-1,498,800 yen (The first year, Watch Course)
*Please kindly require us if you want to know the second year’s school fee.
Other fees: about 240,000 yen-310,000 yen referring to last year’s record (The first year, all the courses are different from each other.)

International student scholarship

[Public scholarship]
Honors Scholarship Privately-financed International Student (Japan Student Service Organization)

[School Original Scholarship]

  1. International Student Scholarship (apply before entering) = 300,000 yen (for the first year only)
  2. International Student Scholarship -“TOKUTAISEI” = 400,000 yen of tuition is remitted (the second year is available, too)

Entrance examination

  1. Japanese interview
  2. Japanese written test & essay
  3. Application forms selection

*We make a point of Japanese communication ability.

Application form submission

(1) If you want to request for brochure from website, please click this link.http://www.hikohiko.jp/
Please fill in the application form of brochure with the necessary information and then send the message. The school brochure and application form will be sent in one week in Japan.

(2) If you want to request for brochure by e-mail, please send an e-mail toinfo@hikohiko.jp.
Please write your name, address, telephone, country and the course you want to apply for and send it to us. You can use Japanese or English. If you want to speak in Korean or Simplified Chinese, please send the e-mail to the below e-mail address.
【Korean only】korea@hikohiko.jp
【Simplified Chinese】jiantizi@hikohiko.jp

(3) If you want to request for the brochure by telephone, please give a call to the below number.
【In Japan】0120-00-3389
【Out of Japan】+81-3-3499-0300

School visit appointment

Please make an appointment by telephone, e-mail or through website before you come to our school. (If you haven’t reserved for the visit, it is possible that you can’t get our school’s introduction.)

【Special event of class visit and school introduction】
After your reservation, a “confirmation postcard” will be sent to you. Please come to our school with the postcard.

【Class visit, school introduction, school fee inquiry】
There are some staffs can speak English, Chinese and Korean. Please tell us the language you use when you reserves. If no special request, our staff will speak Japanese only.

School introduction

【A accredited school below 3%】
Our school is the one accredited school by Immigration Bureau of Japan. The longest period of visa is 2 years and 3 months. And the procedure and document of visa is reduced.

【The employment rate in Japan is 64%】
International students’ employment rate in Japan is 37% averagely. But our school’s international students are 64% employed. Almost all of them are working as designers, which is called profession. And international students can have employment counseling as Japanese.

【Internship with Korea Noble Metal Association】
The students of jewelry course can use the summer holiday to do an internship. Many students find a job through this internship.

【Student exchange between Korea Kookmin University, enrollment to the graduate school】
A short-term student exchange is available with Metal Art Course. Some students who finished the advanced diploma course enrolled the graduate school of Korea Kookmin University.

【Student exchange with Tainan National University of the Arts】
Students who want to enroll the graduate school of Tainan National University must graduate from an art university. But students can just enroll it without the above restriction through the student exchange program. Taiwanese is of course available to join this program.

【Enrollment examination out of Japan】
We carry out the enrollment examination in Korea (Seoul) and Taiwan (Taipei). If you participate in the examination in these places, you don’t have to come to Japan. An admission permit will be issued before enrollment and after examination.

TEL:【日本国内の場合】0120-00-3389 【海外の場合】+81-3-3499-0300
E-mail:【代表アドレス】info@hikohiko.jp 【韓国語専用】korea@hikohiko.jp 【簡体字専用】jiantizi@hikohiko.jp
FAX:【日本国内の場合】03-3499-0359 【海外の場合】+81-3-3499-0359