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Established in 1880, Hosei University holds a history of 135 years. With 15 faculties,38 Departments, 15 graduate school courses and 2 professional schools, the university offers a wide range of academic fields which incude arts and science. As the students there vary in personalities and characteristics, you will have the opportunity to interact with fellow students with different values. Since the establishment, Hosei University has always been active in welcoming international students and as of today, it has gathered students from various countries and has produced graduates in various fields.


・Ichigaya Campus:2-17-1 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-8160 Japan
・Tama Campus:4342 Aiharamachi, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-0298 Japan
・Koganei Campus:3-7-2 kajinocho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo 184-8584 Japan



International student number

633 students

International student course /term (year)

-Graduate School-
・Graduate School of Humanities
・Graduate School of Communications
・Graduate School of Economics
・Graduate School of Law
・Graduate School of Politics
・Graduate School of Sociology
・Graduate School of Business Administration
・Graduate School of Well-being Studies
・Graduate School of Regional Policy Design
・Graduate School of Public Policy and Social Governance
・Graduate School of Career Studies
・Graduate School of Computer and information Sciences
・Graduate School of Engineering and Design
・Graduate School of Science and Engineering
・Graduate School of based Society
・Graduate School of Sports and Health Studies
・Law School
・Graduate School of Innovation and Management

-Undergraduate Faculties-
・Faculty of Law
・Faculty of Letters
・Faculty of Business Administration
・Faculty of Intercultural Communication
・Faculty of Humanity and Environment
・Faculty of Lifelong Learning and Career Studies
・Faculty of Engineering and Design
・Faculty of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies(GIS)
・Faculty of Economics
・Faculty of Social Sciences
・Faculty of Social Policy and Administration
・Faculty of Sports and Health Studies
・Faculty of Science and Engineering
・Faculty of Bioscience and Applied Chemistry
・Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences

School fee

・Graduate school(Doctoral course)
1st year:600,000-1,060,000 yen
From 2nd year on:460,000-920,000 yen

・Graduate schools(Master's course)
1st year:730,000-2,590,000 yen
From 2nd year on:590,000-1,160,000 yen

・Undergraduate faculties
1st year:1,196,000-1,750,000 yen
From 2nd year on:1,016,000-1,570,000yen