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To learn together with your friends from all over the world at Human Academy Japanese Language School.


We provide a best study environment to students to improve their Japanese language ability.
We introduce the original teaching materials which are based on our long-term Japanese language education knowhow experience. Our motto is to live, to go to school or to find a job, all the basic starts from communication ability. So we aim to an education which is available to improve the students’ communication ability. Our student support is various and helpful, like the counseling for the choice of school, the regular student consultation, individual interview and so on.




School address: Waseda Yobiko 7F, 4-9-9-, Takadanobaba Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0075 Japan
Osaka campus: Midousuji MID Bld 9F, 4-3-2, Minamisennba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0081 Japan



International student number

Tokyo 500 students and Osaka 330 students (July 2010, including short-term course.)

Enrollment time

Regular course(January, April, July and October start), Optional course(any time), short term course(any time)

International student course /term (year)

  1. Regular course for entering university / 1 year 3 months to 2 years / Both Tokyo and Osaka 200 students
  2. Regular course / 2 years /Tokyo 180 students and Osaka 100 students
  3. Short term course
  4. Optional course
  5. Individual course
  6. Corporate training course

School fee

■Regular course
Admission fee: 63,000 yen
One year tuition: 567,000 yen
Other fees: 82,000 yen
Registration fee: 21,000 yen
Total: 733,000 yen

■Short term course
Admission fee: 31,500 yen
One month tuition: 52,500 yen

International student scholarship

MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology) scholarship, Kyoritsu International Foundation Scholarship

Entrance examination

Application forms selection. If necessary, Japanese written test and interview will be required.

Application form submission

You can apply for the school brochure through our website, telephone or e-mail.

School visit appointment

Please make an appointment through telephone or e-mail.

School introduction

Because there is a polytechnic school in the same building, the communication between these two schools is frequent and a lot of events are carried out together, like communication party, sports and so on.
Event: The students like summer and winter one day bus tour very much. 
Student dormitory will be introduced and arranged.

Main University that students enter: WASEDA University/ Rikkyo University/ Aoyama Gakuin University/ Meiji University/ Hosei University/ Nihon University/ Kokugakuin University/ Yokohama City University/ Ochanomizu University /Japan Women’s University/ Asia University/ Musashino Academia Musicae/ Showa Academia Musicae/ J.F. Oberlin University/ Teikyo University/ Kokushikan University/ Hannan University/ Ritsumeikan University/ Dishisha University/ Kwansei Gakuin University/ Osaka City University/ Poole Gakuin University/ Osaka University of Arts/ Kansai University /Kyoto University of Foreign Studies/ Kinki University/ Kyoto Seika University/ Hokkaido University of Education/ Tezukayama University/ Aichi University/ Otemae University/ Osaka Seikei University/ Osaka University of Tourism/ Kyoto Sangyo University/ Ryukoku University/ Osaka Sangyo University/ St. Andrew’s University/ HAGOMORO University of International Studies/ Osaka University of Economics/ Osaka International University/ Otemon Gakuin University/ Himeji Dokkyo University/ Others