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School, a place to learn and a part of life. A dedicated and fun school. And that is JCLI.


At our school, with a rich history of over 30 years, we aim for students to be able to study Japanese in a school environment that is tailored for students. Our school has a friendly atmosphere, where students and teachers can communicate with each other freely.

For the students’ benefit, we have a variety of classes of different levels, allowing students to take a class that suits their present ability.


Japanese Language School


169-0074 Tokyo, Shinjuku Ward, North Shinjuku, 1-5-2, Sato Building 4th Floor

Tokyo, Shinjuku Ward, North Shinjuku 1-8-19, Daiyafugen Building 5th



International student number

706 students

Enrollment time

January, April, July and October

International student course /term (year)

College enrolment course

Short-term course

Conversation course

School fee

Admission fee:54,000yen

One year tuition:648,000yen

Other fee:64,800yen

Total: 766,800yen

International student scholarship

Model student award; 100% attendance (2,000 yen)

Excellence award; approximately 8 students (20,000-100,000 yen)

Awards above will be given out once every 3 months

Entrance examination


School visit appointment

Please inquiry our office through e-mail or telephone.

E-mail : jcli@jclischool.com

TEL : 03-5348-2171

School introduction

Besides teaching students the language skills needed for college and daily life, the school also provides lessons on communication skill and ways to express oneself. On top of that, JCLI is a school that aims to raise and train the students to be internationally aware. All the staffs in JCLI support and hope for everyone’s success. Feel free to contact us anytime.

    JCLI日本語学校 JCLI日本語学校 JCLI日本語学校