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Come join us at JET Academy, and get yourself prepared for university entry !


JET is a preparatory educational institute appointed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). At JET, there are many chances to exchange with Japanese students and to participate in various Japanese culture-related activities. We also provide skills to get through JLPT and EJU examinations.


Japanese language school


〒114-0023  7-8-9, Takinogawa, Kita Ku, Tokyo



International student number

50 students

Enrollment time

April, October

International student course /term (year)

  1. Japanese university entrance course A / one year / 28
  2. Japanese university entrance course B / one and a half years / 28
  3. Basic Japanese course / one year・one and a half years・two years / 94

School fee

Entrance Fee: JPY 50,000
Tuition per year:
JPY   740,000(Japanese university entrance course A / one year)
JPY 1,055,000(Japanese university entrance course B / one and a half years)
JPY  630,000(Basic Japanese course / one year)
Other fees: JPY 12,000(Insurance, supplementary materials)

* When it comes to the Japanese university entrance course,
Maths JPY 64,000, Physics・Chemistry・Biology JPY 32,000 for each.

International student scholarship

There are various scholarships such as those sponsored by JET Japanese language school supporters' association, MEXT, or other private foundations etc.

Entrance examination

document screening. However, when it comes to Japanese university entrance course A or B, there’s a telephone interview when you turn in an application.

School visit appointment

If you would like a visit to school, you’re welcome anytime. It’s also possible to visit our classes if you make an appointment in advance.

School introduction

Our school has made effort into the guidance for entrance of university or graduate schools for over 20 years, mainly centering on students from Taiwan and Korea. We have reached the world-first-class scores in EJU and JLPT. Also, since the Japanese university entrance courses are propaedeutic courses appointed by the MEXT, even your academic background to high schools doesn’t come up to 12 years in HongKong, Malaysia etc., you are still eligible for an entrance examination of a Japanese university or college. The principal and all the staff who have experienced studying abroad will 100% support your life in Japan. Of course, we have also prepared dormitory for the foreign students!