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KCP~Where you can acquire high ability and truly enjoy studies~


KCP provides you with the curriculums which will help you achieve various goals: which could be to advance to higher education such as graduate school, university, technical school or to get a job in Japan. You will develop your understanding of Japanese culture and society and broaden your perspective to see the world by learning Japanese in class with people from all over the world. KCP campus building is fully equipped with facilities such as school library where you can study freely and student lounge in which students always gather and interact lively. Various school events and club activities will give you opportunities to bond with your fellow classmates and Japanese instructors. You will find many more fun activities that you will be able to experience only here at KCP!


1-29-12, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022



International student number


International student course /term (year)

・General Japanese Language Course
Course length:2years/1year9months/1year6months

・University Preparatory Course
Course length:2years/1year6months

・Special University Preparatory Course
Course length:2years/1year6months

School fee

・Admission fee: 50,000yen

・One year tuition:
General Japanese Language Course 600,000yen
University Preparatory Course/ Special University Preparatory Course 708,000yen

・Other fees: 40,000yen

International student scholarship

・Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students
・Takayama International Education Foundation Scholarship
・Kyoritsu Maintenance Scholarship

Entrance examination

Document screening, interview with the applicant and his/her guarantor

School visit appointment

Please contact the administrative office of each country.

School introduction

Staff members assigned to each country provides full support to your study abroad life. We offer assistance for students to look for a part time job and seek for an employment in Japan as well. When you have any questions about Japanese language studies, please feel free to come to teacher’s office. The two large tables set in the office are always available for students who seek for advice and many students use the space every day. Among those willing students, we have had who obtained the full score on JLPT N1 and the highest score on EJU Japanese through their study at out institute.

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