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学校法人長沼スクール 東京日本語学校

The best education in the best environment. We support your job hunting and going on to school thoroughly.


Isn’t new that Japanese language school owns a coffee lounge? You can have a cup of coffee when you are tired after study. You can also make friends with different countries’ people. There more than 500 students from more than 50 countries studying Japanese together. Our experienced staffs will do their best to support you to go to others schools or find a job. There are many other supports like the student dormitory which staff always standby, scholarship, insurance and others to support your Japanese language study.


Japanese language school


School address: 16-26, Nampeidaicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 
A 10- minute walk from South exit of JR Shibuya station. You can find 3 school buildings on the slightly secluded site from the highway.



Enrollment time

April, July, September, January

International student course /term (year)

□Comprehensive Course / at least 3 month 
□Business Japanese Program / at least 3 month
□University Prep. Course / 1 year, 1.5 years, 2 years
□Graduate school Prep. Course /1 year

School fee

Enrollment fee       
Facilities fee         
One year tuition fee 
Application Fee 

(Course materials is not included.)

International student scholarship

Naganuma Study Grant: Some good students are chosen from those who have been enrolled for the minimum of a year in either Comprehensive Course or University Prep. Course.
Scholarship from other foundations or organization: Students can apply for grants or scholarships from Japan Student Service Organization, Takayama International Education Foundation and Kyoritsu International Exchange Scholarship Foundation through the recommendation of the Naganuma School. To receive such scholarship, students must be enrolled in the school for at least 6 months, be planning to go to any school in Japan, and must excel in grades, attendance and contribution to the class. Students can individually apply for grants, fellowship or scholarships offered by the government of their home country or other foundations. We recommend looking for information early.

Entrance examination

Students can select a course based on the current level of Japanese language ability and objectives through the placement test before enrollment.
Students can choose lessons either in the morning or in the afternoon by some courses. Please feel free to inquiry.

Application form submission

Please inquiry us with the following contact ways.

School visit appointment

You are welcome to come from 9am to 5pm on weekday. You can visit the lessons in the school. Please reserve before you come.

School introduction

Congratulations! Naganuma students score the highest in the EJU(2nd session)!
There are a lot of students’ enrolled schools and found jobs! The recommendation system to vocational schools and universities is good as well.
Please go to the website to get more detail. http://www.naganuma-school.ac.jp/jp/courses/university.html

    学校法人長沼スクール 東京日本語学校