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A “determined and great” vocational school that supports its students to be what they want to be.

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Nagoya Kougakuin College has produced over 61,000 graduates and it has accomplished many great achievements in students’ employment as well as examinations for qualification acquisition. The reason why we managed to get such achievements is because of the determination in everyone here. We aim to become a school that our students will feel grateful and proud of when they enter the society where their skills and abilities are put to the test. In Nagoya Kougakuin College, we have 6 main departments where students will be able to acquire knowledge as well as skills related to advanced technology. Computer & IT, game & CG, visual and sound, electrical, electronics & home electronics, mechanical, robot & CAD design; we raise future experts in all these respective fields.




Mass communication/Video

Game/Computer/Web/IT Science/Electrical/Electronic/Machines


Aichi,Nagoya-shi,Atsuta-ku,Jingu 4-7-21