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The points to choose a school

It is very important to choose a school that fits your purpose. If not, you are wasting your money and the chance in Japan. So what do you have to think when choosing a school? We will tell you some points. You can refer to these points to find a school and ask for school brochures.

What to study? There is a rich variation of polytechnic school in Japan. Besides animation and game school, fashion, website design, beauty, hair & make-up, food and cooking, interior and etc, all these Japan’s pop culture can be learnt at polytechnic school. Of course in the universities, you can learn humanities courses like economy, management, law and etc. And science courses like architecture, machine engineering, medicine and so on. What’s more, arts courses like fine arts and design.
Different kinds of school First you should make a decision to go to what kind of school. There are graduate school, university, junior college, polytechnic schools and others in Japan.
Support It is better to check the support is good or not for students. Is there any staff who can speak your native tongue like English, Chinese, Korean and etc? Do the school introduce dormitory for them?
Expense Let’s confirm the admission fee and tuition. Almost all the school’s first-year cost is from 800,000yen to 1,200,000yen. If you study at a national university, it will be much lower cost than other school. Also some school will offer scholarship for students. You should think about your finance including life cost ,and then to choose a school which you can afford to pay.
Where? Japan is divided into some big parts. One is Kanto area including Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, Kanagawa and etc. One is Kansai area including Osaka, Kyoto and etc. The other one is Kyusyu area like Fukuoka, the biggest city in Kyusyu. Before your choice, you should do some research or ask other people for advices like the study and life environment.
What is the contents of enrollment test? Is the enrollment test in English or Japanese? Some school must do some composition test or mathematics test. If you’ve decided which school to go, just hurry up to get the enrollment test information and prepare it well.