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専修学校 日本菓子専門学校

Small groups/classes with 3 students per table for confectionery and 4 students per table for breadmaking!



Our school was built with the support from the confectionery industry (Meiji Seika, Morinaga & Co., Ltd, etc) in 1960. We also receive the recognition from Immigration Bureau as a proper school.

In the confectionery course (2 years), students will learn western-style confectionery, Japanese-style confectionery as well as bread making in balance and aim for the Confectionery Hygiene Master state examination for the 1st year. In the 2nd year, students will get to choose to specialize in western-style confectionery or Japanese-style confectionery to master higher level skills. As for bread making course (1 year), students will not only have practice on bread making, they will also have 20% of confectionery production practice.



Confectionery & bread making


2-24-31 Kaminoge, Sentagaya-ku, Tokyo



International student number

50 students (among 355 students)

Enrollment time


International student course /term (year)

Confectionery course 2 years 240 students

Bread making course 1 year 40 students

School fee

-School entrance fee

Confectionery 350,000 yen

Bread making 250,000 yen

-Annual tuition fees etc (tuition fees, training fees, academic fees, alumni fees)

Confectionery 1,200,000 yen

Bread making 1,250,000 yen

International student scholarship

Kyoritsu International foundation Incentive for Foreign Students

Entrance examination

1. Documents screening

2. Interview (reading comprehension test)

School visit appointment

Please apply from the telephone or the homepage