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Influence each other with your enthusiasm. Drive one another with your determination.

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Omula provides a variety of beauty and fashion related courses.

Students will be able to get careers related to beauty and fashion such as beautician, make-up and aesthetic specialist. Careers in fashion design and business field are also available for the students to pursue.

The teachers in our school are mostly specialists from respective fields with a great amount of experience. Therefore, students can not only gain knowledge and masters the skills needed, they can also gather information about each respective field first-hand.

Besides that, in Omula, we have plenty of students who are serious in their studies. They motivate each other and they maintain friendly rivalry between each other. With all the interactive events and the normal daily classes where each one of the students work hard towards the same dream, students get to spend plenty of time laughing through the good and crying through the bad times together.

Omula is a place where you get to meet your life-time comrade.


American Consulate street 2-6 Kuromon, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken