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Spirit of foundation「Self-help and cooperation」- The university in Tokyo, which held international communication prosperously


There are the system of foreign students’ scholarship,and we are the partner university of the financial group which held foreign students’ scholarship.

Most of foreign students are taking the scholarship.

The scholarship for foreign students 「the system of tuition waiver」

Establish the independent subject for foreign students.

Joint students’ health insurance and comprehensive insurance for foreign students

Having communication with resident in Musashino shi

Establish the support group to support foreign students

Acceptant foreign students over 60 years


■(Faculty of Business Administration-Department of Business Administration Department of Hospitality Management)

■(Faculty of Economics-Department of Economics)

■(Faculty of Law-Department of Law)

■(Faculty of International Relations-g

Department of Multicultural communication)

■(Faculty of Urban Innovation-Department of Urban Innovation)


■Graduate School of Asian and International Business Strategy(Master's Course, Doctor's Course)

■Graduate School of Economics(Master's Course, Doctor's Course)

■Graduate School of Law(Master's Course, Doctor's Course)



5-8 Sakai, Musashino-shi, Tokyo180-8629 JAPAN



International student number


Enrollment time


School fee

(example:2019 Faculty of Business Administration-Department of Business Administration)

Admission Fee     230,000¥

A year tuition fees     750,000¥

Other fees                  298,000¥

   (If you get the tuition waiver, the tuition fees of first year can take 30% off)


Entrance examination

Formats of International Student Admissions(Undergraduate Admissions)

Format A:Japanese 、interview、document screening(Department of Business Administration・Faculty of Urban Innovation)

Japanese 、English、interview、document screening(Department of Economics、Department of Law 、Department of International Relations)

Format B:Japanese(EJU)、English、interview、document screening(All of the departments )

Format C:Japanese(EJU or JLPT)、English(TOEFL or IELTS)、document screening

(Faculty of Business Administration-Department of Business Administration、Faculty of Economics、Faculty of Law、Department of International Relations、Department of Urban Innovation)

School introduction

 5 % students in Asia University is international students. The feature of school is giving the lecture with foreign language form Asia area.There are a lot of the opportunities for having interaction with Japanese students.There are support system offer international students life support and employment support.  Situated in Musashino shi, Tokyo, the campus is located in a relaxed setting that facilitates learning.