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People are connected by clothes. The world of Sugino spreads from fashion.


Students can learn the technical knowledge related to dress and ornaments as well as society manners through two years’ study. Therefore, students will be supported under the system of the fine individual instructions according to each one’s progress. Also, from the second year, every student can choose from the three training courses as ①dress creation, ②costume creation, ③apparel creation. The knowledge of modeling, students’ imagination, power of expression, and adaptable fighting potential will be further polished through that. In addition, students can also choose to go to the third grade of Sugino Fashion College after graduation.


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School address:4-6-19 Kamiohzaki, Shinagawa, Tokyo
Campus・Sister school: Sugino Fashion College
Campus・Sister school: Dressmaker Gakuin



International student number

2 students

Enrollment time


International student course /term (year)

The department of dress modeling/ 2years  / 70

School fee

Entrance Fee JPY
Tuition per year JPY
(After tuition exemption JPY 490,000)
Other fees JPY
(second year JPY 256,000)

International student scholarship

・private expense foreign students tuition exemption
The tuition of good students is exempted by 30% 
・Sugino College scholarship
excellent performed and economically difficult student JPY 200,000 per year
・Sugino College Urgency scholarship
students whose study continuation is difficult by a sudden disaster etc. JPY 200,000 per year
・The Japan Student Services Organization foreign student study encouragement scholarships
excellent performed and economically difficult student JPY 48,000 per month

Entrance examination

  1. AO Entrance Examination
    Those who understand the feature of the dress-and-ornaments modeling education of this institute, and have a clear intention of entrance and strong greediness for learning will be eligible for application and also interview. And it’s necessary to attend the Open Campus event and have the entry interview before application.
  2. Admission through recommendation
    To select students by recommendation documents from the Japanese school, which the applicant is enrolled in, that show the applicant’s strong will of having prospect in fashion industry in the future. Since there is no specification of the school, application will be possible if recommendation can be obtained.
  3. General entrance examination
    A schedule (entrance examination of 2 subjects)
    Written test: Japanese & English/ pencil sketch (either) 2 subjects
    Interview test: to be carried out after the written test on the same day

School visit appointment

Please use E-mail, telephone, fax, mail for inquiry.
Tel:            03-3491-8152      
杉野服飾大学短期大学部入試広報課 4-6-19 Kamiohzaki, Shinagawa, Tokyo
Reception time: 9:00-17:00 except Saturday and Sunday

School introduction

●History of contest awards
・Japan Fashion Design Contest winning a prize(2010)
・Turkey & Japan Students Wrapping Cloth Contest Winner (2010)
・Japan Kimono Design Winner (2010)
Kyoto Governor Prize、NHK Chairman Prize , Nice Work Prize,
Besides, we have won many other prizes every year.
●Seminar for qualifying bridal fashion planning
We have prepared seminars for bridal fashion planning for the wedding service. 
●Full of Strategies to obtain the fashion certificates
We are supporting you to obtain fashion business test, fashion sell ability test, Formal wear test, pattern making test and etc.
●Girls dormitory is also prepared.
●Under the small-number-of-people instruction system, everyone can get one-by-one instructions.
●Girls dormitory is also prepared.

    杉野服飾大学短期大学部 杉野服飾大学短期大学部 杉野服飾大学短期大学部 杉野服飾大学短期大学部