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A school to educate creators with industry together who can play an active quickly.


TCA is a design general school of design, manga, game, animation, illustrator, CG, web, light novel, interior, product, car design and etc. TCA prepares 22 majors in 5 fields in 3 years study with industry to educate the professional creators. We invite many professional lecturers or creators in industry who are active in project or in the industry to teach a curriculum to make students can show their ability quickly. If you want to be a professional of design, manga, game, animation, illustrator, CG, Web, light novel, interior, product, car design, just come to TCA!


  • Graphic
  • Art
  • Animation / Manga
  • Pet
  • Other (Ocean)


School address: 6-29-9, Nishikasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
Other campus, sister school:TOKYO SCHOOL OF MUSIC (KASAI, SHIBUYA)
Other campus, sister school:TOKYO DANCE&ACTORS SCHOOL
Other campus, sister school:Tokyo Film Center School of Arts
Other campus, sister school:Tokyo School of Anime
Other campus, sister school:Tokyo Design Technology Center


April, 1988

International student number

229 students

Enrollment time


International student course /term (year)

・Japanese Chinese Korean Translator World
・Design / Illustrator / Web World
・Product & Interior World
・Manga World
・Game / Animation World
・Car Design World
・Animal World
・Pet World
・Ocean World
Term(Year)  2 to 4 years
Fixed number  290 students

School fee

Admission fee : 100,000 yen
One year tuition / Other fee : 699,000~1,180,000 yen

International student scholarship


Entrance examination

Screening of application documents, interview, Japanese test

School visit appointment

Please inquire with the below contact.
TEL : 03-5679-5644
FAX : 03-3688-6297
Email : jcic@jikeicom.jp

School introduction

There are specialist teachers to tell students how to find a job, so the school is famous in jobs hunting in Japan. And we have student dormitory and tie-up hospital.