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Study Japanese in the multicultural environment at TCJ!


Tokyo Central Japanese Language School (TCJ) is located directly in front of Shinanomachi Station, in the heart of Tokyo. It takes only 5-minutes to Shinjuku, 9 minutes to Shibuya. You can easily access to popular areas in Tokyo. Every year there are students from over 30 nations that come to TCJ for study. It has been home for students from over 81 nations in the past 5 years.By learning alongside classmates with all kinds of different values, you can aspire to become a true citizen of the world.


Japanese Language Schoool
Japanese Instructore Training Course


34-4F, Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0016 JAPAN



International student number

750 students (as of July 2017)

Enrollment time

April, July, October, January *Daily Course: Anytime

International student course /term (year)

1.Long-term International Student Course / max. 2 years
2. Short-term International Course / 3 months (About 10 weeks)
3. Daily Course / 4 weeks ~
4. Summer Course / 2 weeks
Please contact us about Private Lesson and On-sight Lesson.

School fee

●Long-term International Student Course(First year)
Application fee:JPY 21,60
Entrance fee: JPY 43,200
Facilities & Materials fee: JPY 43,200
Tuition fee: JPY 648,000
Insurance fee: JPY 10,000
Total fees :  JPY 766,000

●Short-term International Course JPY 172,800
●Daily Course JPY 70,740 ~
●Summer Course *Please contact us for the details.
※8% tax included

International student scholarship

There are some scholarships, external and TCJ-specific scholarships.

Entrance examination

Documents screening, Interview

School visit appointment

We provide counseling and level test for free. Please inquiry through telephone or E-mail and make an appointment.



    東京中央日本語学院 東京中央日本語学院 東京中央日本語学院