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The school to use your own way to make “creator” become your job.


The school to learn IT and design technology and educate the IT engineers , digital designers who can play an active part in the world. Students can learn from the industry professionals directly from year 1 with the new materials and go to internship. What's more, there are a lot of job hunting support and language classes. Just learn at THEC.C and get the qualification and communication ability and find the job in Japan or your mother country.


  • Architecture, Design
  • Animation, manga
  • Creative, Media
  • Business
  • PC Game
  • IT, Industry


School address: 1-24-6, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku 150-0002 Tokyo
Other campus, sister school:TOKYO SCHOOL OF MUSIC (KASAI, SHIBUYA)
Other campus, sister school:Tokyo Design Technology Center
Other campus, sister school:Tokyo Film Center School of Arts


2007 (School name was changed from April, 2011)

International student number

254 students

Enrollment time


International student course /term (year)

●All the courses and majors will accept international students.
●Super IT Course  4 years (Advanced Diploma)
   IT / Design Course  3 years (Diploma)
   IT / Design Communication Course  2 years (Diploma)
●Fixed student number  120 students

School fee

Admission fee : 100,000 yen
One year tuition : 820,000 yen 
Other fee 1 : 280,000 yen
Other fee 2 : 97,000 ~140,000 yen (depends on different course)

International student scholarship

There is international student scholarship. It's a one year scholarship of 401,000 yen. Please get more detail from the application guide of 2012.

Entrance examination

●Japanese Language School recommendation
●Designated school recommendation
●Special major examination
●AO examination

School visit appointment

●Reserve by home page
●Reserve by E-mail info@tech.ac.jp
●Reserve by telephone  0120-00-5586

School introduction

TECH.C is a school that more than 23 countries international students are leaning IT and design here and make their interest become the job. There are a lot of school events except major study. Many international students received the job hunting support from school and experienced internship and finally found their jobs in Japan.
◆About the qualification
IT related: IT Passport Examination,  Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination, CCNA, CCNP, MCP, MCSA and etc.
Design related: CG Engineer Examination, Illustrator Creator Proficiency Examination, Pro Tools Technology Examination, Photoshop Creator Proficiency Examination, Flash Creator  Proficiency Examination, Web Creator Proficiency Examination
Translation / Interpreter: Interpreter Licenced Guide Examination,  Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1, TOEIC and etc.