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Tokyo Technical College has 10 specialized departments in 4 campuses in the center of Tokyo. It was established in1969. The international students program was started in 1975.
644 graduates from 39 countries were working in the companies and contribute to the society.The students have a lot of opportunities to get jobs in Japan and apply for an engineer, specialist in humanities and international services visa.
The students have the chance to get the job in famous Japanese companies after studying in the practical curriculum collaborated with industrial companies(the “Practical Vocational Specialist Training Curriculum” certification from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology). Over 100 companies in Koyama Institute Supporter’s Association support the students.
Nearly 100% for the rate of employment of the students has achieved every year.


Creative, Media
IT, Industry


・Nakano campus: 6-21-16 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo Japan 164-0001
・Setagaya campus: 1-2-1 Sakurashinmachi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Japan 154-0015
・Shinagawa campus: 3-7-12 Minamishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Japan 140-0004



International student number


Countries and Areas:
China, South Korea, Taiwan, Myanmar and others.

International student course /term (year)

-NAKANO Campus-
Automotive Service and Maintenance 1st Class
Automotive Engine Maintenance
Automotive Service and Maintenance

Advanced Automotive Engineering 1st Class
Automotive Service and Maintenance
Mercedes-Benz Course
Automotive Service and Maintenance(evening session*)

Automotive Service and Maintenance 1st Class
Automotive Service and Maintenance
Harley-Davidson Course

Architectural Director
Interior Architecture
Game Programming
Data Processing Web Visual Creator
Environmental Technology
Architecture(Evening session Architect course*)

The school marked "*"
You will not be able to obtain a visa for evening class.
Only applicable to those who have already obtained a long-term resident visa.

School fee

Admission fee: 290,000-300,000 yen
Tuition fee: 980,000-1,040,000 yen
Other fees: 92,600-109,400 yen

The school fees are the same for all departments.

International student scholarship

Financial incentives for international students
recommended by specified schools 50,000 yen to 300,000 yen
Koyama Institute Supporters' Association Scholarship
(for international students) 300,000 yen
Koyama Institute Supporters' Association Scholarship
for Higher Education 1,760,000 yen
Harley-Davidson Japan Family Scholarship 300,000 yen + U.S.A. program
Koyama Institute Honor Students 440,000 yen   and others.