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FC TOKYO is a school to educate “filmer” who can provide impression to the world.


The people who produce film. The people who provide film attraction to the audience. The  artist to show light and sound, art in the film. The creator and business man to find a new market. The actor and entertainer who has a wide range of skill. We educate all kinds of necessary people in the industry now with the really necessary technique, from produce to actor, the entertainment business tomorrow.


Media(Film, TV, Actor, Make-up)


School address: 3-14-9, Nishikasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
Other campus, sister school:Tokyo School of Anime
Other campus, sister school:TOKYO SCHOOL OF MUSIC (KASAI, SHIBUYA)
Other campus, sister school:TOKYO DANCE&ACTORS SCHOOL
Other campus, sister school:Tokyo Communication Arts
Other campus, sister school:Tokyo Design Technology Center


April, 2004

International student number

33 students

Enrollment time


International student course /term (year)

・Film Director / Filmscript World
・Film / TV Produce World
・Art & Make-up World
・Picture Creator World
・Media / Entertaiment Business World
・Actor / Actress World
Term(Year)  3 years
Fixed number  90 students

School fee

Admission fee:100,000 yen
One year tuition / Other fee:980,000 yen

International student scholarship

Screening of application documents, interview, Japanese test

Entrance examination

Screening of application documents, interview, Japanese test

School visit appointment

Please inquire with the below contact.
TEL : 03-5679-5644
FAX : 03-3688-6297
Email : jcic@jikeicom.jp

School introduction

There are specialist teachers to tell students how to find a job, so the school is famous in jobs hunting in Japan. And we have student dormitory and tie-up hospital.