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専門学校 東京声優アカデミー

Here is a school that can educate the student to be an actor or voice actor in one life.


Tokyo Media Academy is a homey school. We support and backup all the students with our loves to make everyone’s dream come true.
In order to let the students be active in a wider range in future, they can choose one course from Voice Artist Course (dubbing or narrator or vocal or drama). The lecturers are all the professionals who are still active in the voice actor industry.
Tokyo Media Academy will help you fulfill your dream to be a voice actor in animation.


  • Animation, manga
  • Media


School address: 3-1-5, Ebisu-minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo



Enrollment time


International student course /term (year)

Voice Artist Course / 2 years / 155 students

School fee

Admission fee   180,000 yen One year tuition  

680,000 yen

 Other fees Maintenance fee  

220,000 yen

 Material・Training fee

90,000 yen

Total  1,170,000 yen


International student scholarship

50,000 yen to 300,000 yen tuition can be remitted from the tuition when enrollment.
※We have our original scholarship system. 100,000 yen to the total amount of tuition (admission fee, tuition and maintenance fee) can be remitted when enrollment.

Entrance examination

■AO Entrance Exam: (This year’s AO Entrance Exam finished.)
■Recommendation Entrance Exam: (This year’s Recommendation Entrance Exam finished.)
■General Entrance Exam: 
Application Form Acceptation Period 
1st Feb. 2011 (Tues.) ~ 11th Mar. (Fri.) 【Term 3】
■Employee, University, Junior college students Entrance Exam: 
Application Form Acceptation Period Refer to the General Entrance Exam 【Term 2】

Application form submission

Please refer to QtoJAPON website http://qto.co.jp/

School visit appointment

Please refer to QtoJAPON website http://qto.co.jp/

School introduction

○There is a homeroom teacher in one class. He/she will support every student. (At least two regular interviews will be carried out in a year.) 
○We have our dormitory tied up. 
○It’s available the application from abroad directly. (Data can be interchanged.)