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Learn the real ‘sushi’ and ‘Washoku’!

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Registered as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, traditional Japanese cuisine, or Washoku, is attracting attention worldwide and today, it is expected to have an increase in demand. The industry is working hard around Japan to inherit the beautiful techniques and at the same time, protect the culture. Because of that, individuals with skills and efficiency in the kitchen are high in demand right now. At Tokyo College of Sushi and Washoku, students are trained to be future professionals with an eye to the great possibility in the industry and a tremendous understanding of the art of ‘the real sushi and Washoku’ sought worldwide.



1.Learn techniques to make Japanese cuisine


In Washoku Chef Course, students will learn everything about the techniques of creating Japanese cuisine starting from the five basic tastes (sweetness, spiciness, saltiness, bitterness, sourness) to basic colors (red, blue, yellow, white, black), and culinary methods (grill, simmer, steam, fry, raw) suitable for each menu according to each of the four seasons. After graduation, students have an opportunity to pursue a career as a Washoku chef.


2.Be a world-renowned sushi chef!


In Sushi Chef Course, students have the chance to learn various types of sushi starting from nigiri-zushi as the main followed by maki-zushi (sushi roll), oshi-zushi (pressed sushi), chirashi-zushi (sushi rice with seafood and other ingredients sprinkled on top), and more. Then, master a variety of culinary methods such as simmering, pickling, and broiling for different ingredients. With this, students can strive to be a world-renowned sushi chef.


3.Train your taste buds and be a great chef


Besides training to comprehend the light flavor and understand the slight difference in food textures, students will acquire knowledge on the five basic tastes and the taste of every condiment and basic ingredients. The training will be repeated until students are capable enough to distinguish the taste difference in each of the five basic tastes despite with a concentration lower than 0.1%.


4.Course Introduction


■Washoku and Sushi Course

・Washoku Chef Course(2 years, 60 students

・Sushi Chef Course(2 years), 30 students


・Advanced Chef Course(1 year)

※This course is available to students who have completed the 2-year program or equivalent.


5.Aimable occupation


Sushi chef

Washoku chef


Specialty chef


6.Aim qualifications


Cooking license


7.Path after graduation



Shunsai Oguraya


Sushi Yoshitake

Sushisho Saito

Hankyu Hanshin Hotels Company



Sushi Hide Kishi


SFP Holdings Co.



8.International student information


International students admission



9.Residence / apartment information


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154-0001 2-30-14 Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo



10-min walk from JR Yamanote line ‘Shibuya Station’

1-min walk from Tokyu Denentoshi line ‘Ikejiri Ōhashi Station’