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There is the best education to fulfill your dream here.


When you decide to start your first step forward your dream, you can find a good environment in Ecole De Patisserie De Tokio to make your dream come true. We have different kinds of internship, good facilities and earnest lecturers. It is these perfect study environments that can lead your dream come true. We are the school to educate the professionals of Japanese confectionery, western confectionery and bakery.


Confectionery, bakery


School address: 1-14-1. Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Japan


September, 1953

International student number

133 students

Enrollment time


International student course /term (year)

  1. Japanese confectionery course/ 2 years / 10 students
  2. Western confectionery course/ 2 years / 50 students
  3. Bakery course /2 years /10 students

School fee

School fee depends on the course.

Admission fee: 
660,000 yen
One year tuition: 
Other fees: 
Japanese confectionery course is 560,040 yen./ Western confectionery course is 582,040 yen./ Bakery course is 564,980 yen.

International student scholarship

International students support system   Admission fee 100,000 yen is remitted.
JASSO Scholarship  48,000 yen/month ×1 year

Entrance examination

【Recommend enrollment】 Application form select, interview
【Normal enrollment】 Application form select, written test and interview

Application form submission

0120-80-7172(You can call us by mobile phone)

School visit appointment

Please reserve before coming to our school through e-mailinfo@tokyoseika.ac.jp or toll-free dial 0120-80-7172.

School introduction

It’s common to Japanese confectionery course, western confectionery course and bakery course.
●Get the skill test level 2 examination 
●Shorten the occupation training instructor examination
●Get Diploma

“International student skill contest” is held every year

【Awarded prize】
A graduated student won the grand prix in the 4th Japan Sugar Art Competition, which is held by Japan Sugar Art Association in 22nd May, Saturday and 23rd may, Sunday.
Ms. Yoon-Haejeong won


TEL:フリーダイヤル 0120-80-7172