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It is a general school to learn entertainment & creative by practice!


We are the school to educate the professionals of entertainment and creative like photographer, broadcasting, movie, sound engineer, and musician and so on. Students take part in many kind of event to experience the work as a professional of that industry and improve their skill by practice. Some session lessons are carrying out between different courses in order to get to know the connection in the same industry and get the knowledge.


Creative, media


School address: 4-11 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0081 Japan



International student number

80 students

Enrollment time


International student course /term (year)

  1. Photographer course /2 years /200 students
  2. Broadcasting course /2 years /120 students
  3. Movie course /2 years /40 students
  4. Make-up course /2 years /40 students
  5. Mass communication editing course /2 years /80 students
  6. Sound engineer course /2 years /160 students
  7. Sound creator course /2 years /40 students
  8. Musician course /2 years /80 students
  9. Voice actor and actor course /2 years /120 students
  10. Dance course /2 years /40 students

School fee

Admission fee: 200,000 yen
One year tuition: 860,000 yen
Other fees: 335,000 yen

International student scholarship

If your attendance in Japanese language school is good and recommended by the principal, 300,000 yen of tuition can be remitted during the 2 years.

Entrance examination

Application forms selection, Japanese written test and interview.

Application form submission

You can apply for the school anytime through our website, telephone, e-mail or Fax.

School visit appointment

You can do the reservation though our website, telephone and e-mail anytime.

School introduction

We are the school authorized by the governor. All the students have to finish a 2- year curriculum. The enrollment procedure is reduced.