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We will support your life in Japan with warm heart.


Unitas Japanese language school is one of the Teikyo University group. There are more than 15 countries students who are studying here. We have two campuses. One is Koufu school which is located in Yamanashi, where is surrounded with many natural. The campus can provide student a quiet place to learn calm. The other one is Tokyo school which is located near Shinjuku. Students here are comparatively less.




School address:<Koufu Campus> 3-6-11, Marunouchi, Koufu, Yamanashi
Campus・sister school: <Tokyo Campus> 3rd floor, Sankyo Mansion, 22, 2-2-9, Okubo, Shinjuku Ku, Tokyo



International student number

120 students

Enrollment time

April, July, October, January

International student course /term (year)

General Course,University entrance course/ 6months~2years

School fee

Entrance Fee  JPY 50,000
Tuition per year JPY 450,000
Other fees    JPY 110,000

International student scholarship

JASSO Scholarship
LSH Asia Scholarship
Unitas School Scholarship

Entrance examination

document screening, interview (may vary by country)

School visit appointment

Please contact us by email.
Koufu Campus: japanese@unitas-ej.com
Tokyo Campus: japanese-tokyo@unitas-ej.com

School introduction

・winning an award, 3 years in a row, at Japanese Speech Contest of Sinjuku-ku(winning First Prize twice, Second Price once)
・The staff of part-time job specialty will help introduce you good work.(Koufu Campus)


TEL: <東京校>03-5287-56365 <甲府校>055-233-3835

Email:<東京校>japanese-tokyo@unitas-ej.com <甲府校>japanese@unitas-ej.com

FAX: <東京校>03-5287-5639 <甲府校>055-233-3828

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