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【QtoJAPON49】Special issue featuring tourism in Tochigi

Special issue featuring tourism in Tochigi

What type of town is Tochigi?
Located 80 minutes away from the city by train, this is the leading tourist spot in Kanto area! It has a long history and even the impressive nature around it helps to sooth the souls of people visiting.

From Tokyo
[ Tokyo station ] → Tohoku Shinkansen/ 45 mins → [ Oyama station ] → Ryōge Line/12 mins → [ Tochigi station ]
[ Asakusa station ] → Tobu Nikko line (rapid)/80 mins → [ Tochigi station ]

Enjoy some blissful time while soaking away the stress at some famous hot springs
One of the most important moments during vacation is the time you can soak in some hot springs and forget about the hustle and bustle of big cities. And selecting the right accommodation is important to avoid any regrets during the vacation. So, why not try Asaya Hotel with an establishment history for as long as 130 years? Besides large public baths, it also provides private baths and open-air baths where you can enjoy the panoramic view of Kinugawa River.

When it comes to hot spring,of course you must pair it with table tennis. So, let’s enjoy these two combinations at the same time!
Since a long time ago, inns and hot spring hotels commonly provide table-tennis tables for everyone to have fun regardless of age and gender. And of course, you can find two of them at Asaya Hotel as well. If you want to enjoy the ‘classic Japanese hot spring vacation’, make sure to change into yukata and challenge yourself to a table tennis match!

With over 100 menus ranging from Japanese to western and Chinese delicacies, this buffet always ensures to serve everything hot and fresh. You can even find plenty of food selections made with yuba (bean curd skin), the famous local specialty of Tochigi.

History and culture of Tochigi
People say that you will have a more pleasurable time at a vacation if you learn about the history and culture of the place. Well here, you will discover the art and techniques from Edo period all portrayed on the magnificent architectures of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, ‘Shrines and Temples of Nikko’. Back then, some of the greatest artisans gathered together and cultivated various culture along the busy streets of Nikko. During Meiji period, several places such as Okunikko and Nasu Kogen started to thrive as famous summer resorts and even today, they continue to flourish.

Among the Shrines and Temples of Nikko, Yōmeimon stands out the most as it is built with magnificent architecture. It is said that people could gaze upon the gorgeous and meticulous design all day and would never get tired of t it. Hence the name, ‘Gate of the Setting Sun’. This pagoda is built for the burial of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Placed on an octagonal base nine steps above the ground, this spot is said to be the highest point even within the shrine itself.

【Nikko Toshogu】

A time-slip to Edo period
For those who want to learn more about Japanese history, Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura is the perfect place to be! Here, you can play games from Edo period, watch a play or even experience being a ninja!

Dress up Edo Style
To have fun to the fullest at Edo Wonderland, the best thing to do is to turn yourself into someone from the Edo period! You get to pick who you want to be from a wide selection, from a farmer to even a lord!

Experience making rice crackers
Nowadays, it is rare to find a portable small charcoal grill like this in Japan. But it will be the greatest memory of all to be able to taste rice crackers made with love using the grill!
● Location: Inside Edo Wonderland, a store with green shop curtain with the name “菱屋” (Hishiya), ● Business hour: Open on regular time, ● Fee: 200 yen per piece
Experience painting daruma dolls
Experience painting white daruma doll from the start. You can make your very own original doll as a gift or even decorate it at your own place!
● Location: Inside Edo Wonderland, a store with purple shop curtain with the name ‘常盤屋’ (Tokiwaya), ● Business hour: Irregular, ● Fee: 500 yen per lesson


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